Your trust is important to us. Our goal is for you to feel safe when you disclose your personal information to us. Personal data is any information that can be used to identify a person.

This Privacy Policy and Terms (hereinafter – Terms) describe how and where processes your personal data in order to fully provide you with our services.

By registering on the website, you trust JD Home Furniture LTD (hereinafter – the Company or we) your personal data and give us the right to process them in accordance with the purposes specified in the Terms.

If you do not agree with the Terms, we, unfortunately, will not be able to provide you with the opportunity to use all or some of the services provided by our Company (hereinafter referred to as the Services).

In this Privacy Policy you will find all the information about what data we collect and process, for whom we use it, how long we keep this data, etc. This information is important, so we hope that you read it carefully.

We also draw your attention to the fact that these Terms may be changed, supplemented or updated.

We respect your privacy, so the security of your personal information is our priority. We use appropriate organizational and technical means to ensure the continued security of your personal data and that the processing of data complies with the requirements of data protection legislation and in accordance with our internal policies.

The company collects and processes your personal data specified in the Terms on the following legal basis:

  • Your consent to these Terms;
  • our legitimate interests;
  • fulfillment of legal obligations arising and applicable to the Company.

In accordance with the provisions and norms of the law, one or more of the above legal bases may apply to the processing of your data.

We use Klarna as the provider of our checkout. This means that we might transfer your personal data in the form of contact and order details to Klarna when the checkout is loaded, in order for Klarna to manage your purchase. Your personal data transferred is processed in line with Klarna’s own privacy notice.



By registering and agreeing to the Terms, you provide us with the following personal data. Providing the relevant registration data is mandatory, as without providing them you will not be able to use the Services. By registering, you confirm that the personal data provided by you is true and correct. We are not responsible for the information you provide inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect.

Data categories For individuals:Name and surnameUser’s email User’smobile phoneDelivery addressFor legal entities:Legal entity nameRegistration numberLegal address
Legal basis for data processing Your consent to use the Services in accordance with the provisions of the Terms.
Duration of data processing The entire period while you use the Services. We can also store your consent for a longer period, if necessary, in order to be able to defend ourselves against claims or claims made to us.


According to your profile data on the website, we create a unique profile, in accordance with which we will identify you as a registered user of the website, which will allow you to use the Services for registered users in compliance with the Terms.

We also use your contact information (email address, phone number) specified in your profile to cooperate with you, answering your questions, requests, comments, providing you with important information about the Services, their provision and (or) changes to these Terms and Conditions, contacting you if you have forgotten your purchases or if you find difficulties related to transactions, etc.

It is very important that the data of the questionnaire provided by you are accurate and correct. If you provide incorrect (false) data, if your data is not updated (in case of moving, changing your surname, etc.), we may experience difficulties in providing the Services, as well as other difficulties in exercising your rights. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any damage that you may suffer as a result of providing incorrect (false) or inaccurate personal information.

If the data you submit changes, you must immediately notify us by changing the relevant data in the registration form on the website or in the mobile application.

The company cannot verify the accuracy and reliability of the data you provide. By accepting your registration form, we believe that your data is accurate and correct, and your consent is given in accordance with your free will by carefully reading these Terms.


We process your data in order to track and administer your account.

Data categories Data that you specified during registration (on the website,account connection data, accountactivity data, including technical data obtained when browsing the site(IP address, connection and viewing of technical information) …
Legal basis for data processing Your consent to create and use an account in accordance with the provisions of the Terms.
Duration of data processing The entire period while you are using the account (you are the user of the account).your consent and proof of this We can also store for a longer period, ifnecessary, in order to be able to defend against any claims or claims brought against us.

We consider your consent to use your account on the website as received when you complete the necessary steps to create an account specified in the Terms and Conditions and upon completion of registration.


Providing you with Services and various benefits – concluding and executing a sales contract, making a refund (if you returned the purchased product), providing discounts, etc. – we, in addition to your registration data, we process data about your purchase operations (hereinafter – purchase data).

Data categories Your name, email address, telephone number, delivery address, signature,date and time of purchase and delivery, product names,quantities, purchase prices and discounts provided,payment method and payment information.
Legal basis for data processing Your consent when using your account in accordance with theprovisions of the Terms.
The processing time is 5 years from the date of purchase.


We store purchase data for 5 years from the date of purchase (transaction), but at the end of the period, we delete and / or securely anonymize it, i.e. we permanently separate them from your profile data and other information that can personalize you.


If you have agreed to receive offers and news by filling out the registration form, we process your personal data, providing you with such offers and information, such as newsletter, information about our offers, discounts, promotions, sales, we invite you to participate in promotions, lotteries and win prizes, find out your opinion on the services and products provided, etc. We provide offers and information to your account, as well as to other sources you choose, for example, by e-mail, by SMS, etc.

Data categories Your name, email address and / or phone number.
Legal basis for data processing Your consent to receive offers and information.
Duration of data processing As long as your consent to receive is in forceoffers and news.your consent and proof of this We can also store for a longer period, ifnecessary, in order to be able to defend against any claims or claims brought against us.

You can select the desired communication channels in the privacy settings of your account. You can change these settings at any time and without restrictions.

You may not agree to receive offers and news at any time, refuse them at any time or change your chosen notification methods (channels). Your refusal to receive offers and news will not affect your use of the Services.


We process your personal data to manage the offers and benefits of the Loyalty Program.

If we introduce additional benefits and offers in accordance with the current loyalty program, we ask you to provide additional personal data or want to use your data for other purposes, we will provide you with relevant information about the processing of personal data by requesting additional personal data or informing you about new purposes. …

Categories of personal data Your name, surname, email address,telephone number, delivery address,product names, quantity,purchase prices and discounts provided,payment method and payment information.
Legal basis Your consent to receive the benefits of the loyalty program, if you are currently a member and use theaccount in accordance with the provisions of the Terms.
Storage time The entire period during which you are a member of the loyalty program. your consent and proof of this We can also store for a longer period, ifnecessary, in order to be able to defend against any claims or claims brought against us.


We will use your personal data when responding to your inquiries, complaints, requests and when processing your feedback (hereinafter referred to as the Request).

Categories of data Identification and contact information provided by you:name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address,residence address, company name, contract number ;Content of your request: happened to you the case, because of which you are contacting us, its circumstances, date, place your request, a request or a complaint or a review, the goods, and the other information specified in Request;Other provided documents and (or) data provided with the Request:for example, invoice data, photographs;A phone call, if B’s,please contact our customer service department.
Legal basis for data processing Compliance with our legal obligations to the user.Considering and responding to inquiries, as well asour legitimate interests to evaluate the feedback of our customers, to improve the quality of the services we provide.
The processing time is 5 years from the date of purchase.

We use your data only for the purpose of proper and objective consideration of your Request, providing you with the information you need, answering your questions, resolving your requests and requirements. We may also analyze request data to improve the quality of our operations and the services provided to you, taking into account your opinions and suggestions.


We process and store your Inquiry and related data as long as we consider the Inquiry, provide you with a response and comply with the decisions made, as well as for 6 (six) months after The request was processed, but not for a shorter period than:

  • requests by e-mail – 6 months;
  • complaints – 5 years;
  • Posts on Facebook platform – 6 months.

If in connection with the Request a legal dispute is raised or there is a possibility of such a dispute, we may store your data for a longer period until the statutory limitation period for filing a complaint or claim expires and / or a final decision takes effect.

we delete and / or securely anonymize them, i.e. we permanently separate them from your profile data and other information that can personalize you.

After the expiration of the processing and storage period of your data specified in this Policy, we will destroy this data or securely anonymize it as soon as possible within a reasonable time necessary to perform such activities.


Almost all of your personal data is collected from you only. You send your survey data directly, for example by filling out registration forms, and purchase data using the Services.

We also receive your data directly from you when you submit a request in any way that you choose: by sending us an email, by sending us a written request, by calling our customer service, etc.

When we need more information or conduct a quality and an objective analysis of your Request, we can link your Request with the data already existing with us and the data collected during the current Request, for example. we can see the data of purchase transactions, history of use of your account, to interview our staff and so on. d.


We may share your information with third parties who help us in the implementation and administration of the services provided by us services related to the administration of customer requests. Such persons may include database software providers, database administration service providers, data centers, service and cloud service providers, marketing service providers, market research or business intelligence service providers, and the like. In any case, we provide third parties with exactly as much data as is necessary to perform a specific task or provide a specific service. Our suppliers can only process your personal data in accordance with our instructions, they cannot use your data for other purposes or transfer to others without our consent. In addition, they must ensure that your data is protected in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with a written agreement with us.

If, when providing the Services, we grant you the right to use the services of our partners (for example, to supply goods to third-party service providers), some of your data will also be available to our partner, but only for the performance of the services specified in the general conditions.

If the case described in the Request is recognized as an insured event, we will transfer your claim and data to the insurance company (s) in which we insured our civil liability, property or which provide us with other insurance services related to the case mentioned in your Request. Insurance companies are independent processors of your personal data and they process your data in accordance with the terms of the insurance company.

Data may also be shared with competent authorities or law enforcement agencies such as the police or supervisory authorities, but only at their request and only when necessary in accordance with applicable law or in cases or procedures required by law to ensure the protection of our rights and safety (our clients , employees and resources), as well as to take legal action and to defend against legal action.

If we use a website analysis service (for example, Google Analytics), which is used to determine how you browse the website, we may transfer your anonymous data to third parties and, based on this information, evaluate how the website is viewed by preparing reports. for site operators about the operation of the site and the provision of other services related to the administration and use of the site.


We process your personal data only in the European Union. We currently do not intend to transfer or transfer your personal data to third countries.


You have the right to receive our confirmation as to whether we are processing your personal data, as well as to access the personal data we process, as well as information about the purposes of processing, the categories of data processed, the categories of data recipients, the period of data processing and the sources data.

We provide most of this information to you in this Policy and we believe that it will be useful to you.

If you are a user of the website, you can at any time familiarize yourself with the personal data that we process in your account (for example, check the current information in the questionnaire, your consent).


If the data specified in your registration form has changed or you see that the information we process about you is inaccurate or incorrect, you have the right to request that this information be changed, updated or corrected.

You can correct your data in your account on the website. You can also contact us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and request that your data be corrected or clarified.


In cases where we process your data in accordance with your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, which will serve as the basis for the termination of data processing.

For example, you can revoke your consent to receive offers and newsletters at any time by providing you with customized offers. Withdrawing this consent will not prevent you from continuing to use our Services, but it will mean that we will not be able to provide you with useful offers about discounts, great deals, etc.

You can correct your consent (withdraw or give again) by sending a correspondingly updated registration form, changing the terms of consent in your account or contacting us.

Please note that until your basic consent to the processing of your data is withdrawn or revoked, we may find ourselves in a situation that we can no longer process your orders, provide you with special prices or discount levels.

You have the right to request the deletion of your data from our database. Upon your request to delete your data, we will anonymously and unconditionally anonymize your data. However, given the purpose of providing the Services and the legitimate interests of both parties (you as the data subject and us as the data processor), your objection may mean that we will not be able to continue to use and process your data to ensure our legitimate interests. In this regard, we will not be able to give you the opportunity to use services in the future. 

If you want to exercise the rights set forth in this section, send a written request.


To protect our customer data from unauthorized disclosure, we will need to verify your identity when we receive your request for data or to exercise your other rights. 

For this purpose, we may ask you to provide the current profile data specified in your registration form (for example, name, email address or phone number), and then we will compare whether the data you provided matches the corresponding survey data. During this verification, we may also send a follow-up notice to the contact listed on the registration form (via text message or email) requesting authorization. If the verification procedure is not passed (for example, your profile does not correspond to the registration form or you are not logged in after sending a text message or email), we will be forced to establish that you are not the subject of the requested data and will be forced to reject your request.

After receiving your request to exercise any of your rights and after successfully completing the above verification procedure, we undertake to provide you with information about the actions we have taken in accordance with your request, without delay, but no later than one month after receiving your request … Due to the complexity and number of requests, we have the right to extend the monthly period for another two months, informing you about this by the end of the first month and indicating the reasons for such an extension.

If your request was sent by electronic means (email, etc.), we will also provide a response by electronic means, unless this is not possible (for example, due to a large amount of information) or if you request a response in another way. …


For all data processing issues, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • by e-mail: [email protected]
  • by calling: +44 800 002 5346, in
  • writing, to the legal address: Unit 15, JD Furniture, Alamin Buildings, Grosvenor Rd, Birmingham B6 7LZ.


We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Our suppliers are carefully selected and we require them to use appropriate means to protect your privacy and keep your personal information safe. However, security cannot be guaranteed when transmitting information over the Internet or mobile communications; any transfer of information in the ways indicated to us is carried out at your own risk.


At the end of the processing and storage period of your data specified in this Policy, we will destroy your data, but in the cases specified in these Terms, we will reliably anonymize your data as soon as possible, within a reasonable period of time.

A longer storage of your personal than specified in these Terms and Conditions may be carried out only in cases where:

  • we need to be able to defend ourselves against any claims or claims brought against us, as well as to exercise our legal rights.
  • there are reasonable grounds to suspect illegal activity under investigation;
  • Your data is necessary for the correct resolution of the dispute or complaint;
  • you must provide a backup and other similar purposes;
  • if there are other grounds provided for by law.


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We can also use cookies to link your purchase history and other data that was collected while using the Services when you browse our site. The information obtained using cookies allows you to more conveniently browse our site in the future, We, in turn, provides us with the convenience of sending you attractive offers and learning more about the actions of our website users, analyzing trends and improving both the site, as well as and raise the level of our service.

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